The vision story

"I received this vision 6 years ago while listening to the strong heart beat of the drum, as the women entered the arbor in ceremony in Tenontchtitlan. I had been photographing women for many years of my life as a means of giving them voice in my medium and honoring their presence. Now it was time for these women's voices to be heard like the drum beat, out loud, of each of their reverberations. The videos also needed to focus on the waters, the waters moved by grandmother moon who was above us, the water inside of our bodies, in the air and on and a part of Mother Earth. This project is the manifesting of that vision." - Tahila, Director


the vision actualizing

The three components of this actualization work together, respond to each other and overlap. All parts are in-progress.

Creating the Woman of the Water documentary film was the primary understanding of how this vision would be manifested. This documentary intimately flows where indigenous women’s water ceremonies meet the frontline of the water wars. Through women of a variety of communities, teachings are shared on self care, self empowerment, unity, and urgency as water is not honored as a being in the western world.

The Jeeka Library (Library of the Wind) will be a dynamic and growing searchable repository of indigenous knowledge multimedia on-line materials. The audio and video segments are collected by the media makers of this site and by our Partners of the Library, who are collectives, organizations and individual collaborators. This project aims to be an international resource and a means of continued guardianship and empowerment of Indigenous communities.

The third component is in the very beginning stages. It will be a multimedia curriculum to be used in the classroom.