This project is strengthened and made possible with community support. Every hour shared is helpful in moving this forward to be accessible by as many people as possible. 

Call to collaborate in the following ways:

  • Translation and Transcription:

The videos are in different language. This task consists of:

Writing the text to the video in the language it is in AND/OR writing the translation to the video or text that has already been written. AND/OR inputting text into the video.

Transcriptions and translations to another language to make it accessible to people who speak other languages and for Closed Captions.

  • media makers:

 We are always looking to expand the territories where we have ingenious media makers in our network. 

  • Ambassadors:

Connect with people in your community that are looking for these resources.

  • Nominations:

Nominate someone who you believe should be highlighted. Share with us why!

If there is an organization you believe we should be connected with send us information on the organization.